Man Pranks People With Realistic Face Mask

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    1. Zockmeister

      "I'm here live, i'm not a cat." *Sounds like exactly something a cat would say.*

      1. Peruian Guardian


      2. Goji Satoru


      3. K.R.T

        I I love your videos also your fans I love your videos I love your videos all your fans like please subscribe they give a 👍🏻 to your channel and I love how do you make this channel it’s amazing I want to watch it all the time but I have school but when I’m done with school I’ll love your videos and I watch them

      4. MissJay_ Period

        What are you doing you just like a cat

      5. Impxrfect



      0:40 That cat makes better dubstep noises than Skrillex

    3. Eli Swervoo

      i can tell it fake

    4. Zackaree the Liger

      that is enough internet for today

    5. Ginger Marie

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    6. williorka17

      0:27 THIS IS HOW WE ROLL

    7. Shawon Moree

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣0:50 the cat filter I can’t stop laughing and it was on live to and I literally want to go on my school zoom on Monday and prank my teacher 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. CHOC11E

      Tat fish doh

    9. NoomyBH


    10. Karen Bishop

      Great for robbing banks

    11. Benjamin Schmidt

      Bruh when he talks his mouth doesn’t move how could you fall for that

    12. Xingyu Jiang

      That dog is so cute

    13. Nicholas Sutton


    14. Nicholas Sutton

      2:00 it’s honestly a bit disturbing to see that fish drowning

    15. trevor

      i never knew raisins were made from grapes

    16. ITSKitten78

      go to 2:25 i like it

    17. Carlo Martinez


    18. Its Gacha Life

      Me who used to like raisins: *you have ruined my childhood.*

    19. Arnas Kerševičius

      That cat was trying to start up the engine

    20. jeff russell

      Seen that guy with that mask all over now

    21. Jacob Nathaniel


    22. LucKyCreates

      2:40 I think that dog has vitiligo but I’m not sure

    23. A'najah rahman

      that dog is just too cute

    24. Seruan Hasan

      hes Face 😂😂😂

    25. Ninja Daer


    26. SGG Dreamranger


    27. Skipet and Bud!

      I think the froggo did something XD

    28. MCBritta

      after this grape to raisins video i find raisins even more disgusting.

    29. Elsie Iyana

      My cat has a big big pouch

    30. Turtle Nohjk

      I don’t think das a pouch if you know what I’m sayin

    31. Mountain Bike Braap

      The frog looks like it's takin' a wazz.

    32. Terd Ferguson

      Everyone power tripping telling people like they have authority to enforce you to place your mask on.

    33. Shuayb Khan

      No. Its MY daily dose of internet

    34. დავით რამიშვილი

      First is frank

    35. Ibrahim Mahmud


    36. Ibrahim Mahmud

      The unique dog is so cute I want a dog like that please do it to me please please please

    37. Da Killah

      0:29 hello bitch

    38. Hannah N

      3:00 ay man the lil frog was just tryna take a bath!? Do you mind😡😡🙄🙄

    39. plutoMOB

      @2:37 that dog looks like it has a clown mask on 😂😂😂😂

    40. Jevilz

      I like to think that we're ancestors from an alien race called the Americans.

    41. Gryphon2026

      I just have to say "you have one of the best channels on GEproms!" You've never clickbaited me and you always have something cool or funny or amazing to show us, also you have a great speaking voice, so easy to understand!🤓 Thanks for being a really cool dude!

    42. Hi

      hi no no don’t hit the report button-

    43. ayman saggaf


    44. Tony Roblox And Vlogs

      I saw the first one before

    45. dr liz

      That's not his pouch, that's his balls, and nothing you say will convince me otherwise


      I also want to purchase that mask

    47. GENIE5 GOD

      a dog wit eyebrows WOW 2:41

    48. ImHereToLacerate

      this guy sounds bored of his own videos..

    49. Aiden Profka

      everybody gangsta until the cat starts drag clicking

    50. Um Faroos

      xD its funny

    51. Bre Naugher

      i m in love my nice wathing to hehe

    52. Abby Corcoran

      All the people who unliked are just jealous of the mask

    53. alexa playz roblox

      Is it only mine orr the videoo like what

    54. Cadi Welch

      Is that how raisins are made

    55. LGND

      I saw the fake mask on a thumbnail before

    56. shamz33

      The dog looks like he is from a cartoon

    57. Peyton

      Funny how people think they have authority

    58. Rowan Fox-Williamson

      Is it me or is this man watching a frog pee while stuck in a pipe 2:56

    59. Elizabeth Files

      Aww the kitty cat

    60. Elizabeth Files

      Uhhh don't they see that his mouth doesn't move?

    61. Anime Fams

      0:36 wth

    62. Annaliese Goolsby

      2:45 I think mom had some guy friends

    63. EnderGurl C0C0

      Bird:hmmm OOOO a fish ima just... Fish:lalalalal-SOMENODY HELP HELPPPP

    64. Ariel Chun

      2:56 don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious don’t don’t be suspicious 🤨

    65. PWOSH DUO

      i couldve tell it was a mask =w=

    66. Makadoodle _101


    67. Space Friends173

      my cat also has a huge pouch

    68. Cheetahzumations

      2:39 this dog wasn’t painted on the head it needs to be painted someone get me a paintbrush!!!!

    69. inmla

      Dog noise 1:47

    70. just a random commenter

      Dog: barks Human: barks too Dog: you dare to use my spell against me, Potter?

    71. Soul Pg3d

      I bet his not gonna pin this

    72. jeebo [BS]

      Do u love cats?

    73. Mike Sharon

      Where can I get a mask like this??

    74. Joel Thomas

      i love how the majority of the video is not even related to the title

    75. emma flynn

      Frog missing in pipe

    76. ktoś ktoś

      Marcin Najman Stanowski!!!

    77. TaryFX

      Never eating raisins again

    78. edi pedi

      in mask you luok medium but without ugly

    79. Jason Hua

      2:21 whoever saw this and thinks dirty.. you know what forget i ever said this and get your mind out of the gutter.

    80. Sick Lizard

      I have heard the voice of that catfilter dude before. Doesn´t he expose scammers on youtube?

    81. Great Israel


    82. ttvhalu


    83. Pancake

      im never eating a grape again-

    84. Dejvix CZ

      The cat is the funiest of all.

    85. AnimeSpectars

      Me: *gets killed by the eruption. Him: How very fortunate

    86. Julia Roberts

      So does mine

    87. Avery Kendall

      That cat sounds so funny

    88. JTK 55

      Where can I buy that mask

    89. Andrea Goodwin

      Where can I buy that?!!!

    90. Mark Alex

      Anyone know where to get that mask in the beginning?

    91. Salman Baig

      0:38 spencer x cat

    92. Leeds1981ja

      The frog peeing leave it alone

    93. Leeds1981ja

      Bred doge doge wid da bread

    94. Akash Ganesh

      I never knew that rotten grapes were sultanas 1:32

    95. Panda Panda

      I’m going to try and leave a comment on every video this is video 240

    96. Porter's Ski Lifts

      Today at my school, someone wore a similar mask but kid sized.

    97. Paul Powell

      I genuinely feel bad for the cat filter guy

    98. William Wallace

      I think my cat has a big premarital pouch, or maybe he’s just fat

    99. Water Cup

      0:37 vacuum cat

    100. Disz Bishh

      Just realized that raisins are actually grapes😳