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  1. NotScummy


  2. PatrikWanderer1988

    2:31 - Awww :-O ...BEAUTIFUL..

  3. Ten clips

    The cat twitching uncontrollably🤣 but it’s so cute 🥰 I hope I’m not laughing at a cat with like a actual medical issue

  4. Bjorg Bjorgingson

    the average human consumes a credit cards worth of micro plastic every month on average

  5. zan

    _Mmm yes, Godzillur_

  6. Abhay singh

    Jesus pro

  7. Roman Wasyluszko

    The comments are either: These mites are on your face right now Me: Now I cant sleep or b Imagine stressing about if your pregnant or not and you get rickrolled

  8. Abstract Gamez

    0:32 and that’s only 10% of my power.... (btw I’m about to make my first vid so that’s why I have gamez but with no vids)

  9. t posing lizard

    Yep, that's me. Your probably wondering how I got into this situation.

  10. Mark Johnson

    I don’t care if you have a little Gucci belt, an apartment in a high rise, or a lambo. The biggest flex I’ve seen was that pilot doing a nosedive and completes the loop. I felt scared for my life 😂

  11. Bilal Faruki

    He was monitoring the store

  12. Trans World Jackson {Ethan}

    Lizard: Nope, This Is Ma Store Now :3

  13. Zombie Man

    *friendly cat-* "Hi." *shook human-* "Why do I hear friendly boss music?"

  14. Krazy Tempz

    my anxiety went so high when i saw the plain do the flip!

  15. Janis Joplinn

    That rat was hit with the venom of that viper.. kick or not.. it def died

  16. Janis Joplinn

    Delete the way you narrate

  17. MrBeast’s Favorite Potato

    0:34 this is literally me.

  18. Justified Fun

    That cat was just separated from it's mother to soon, that's why it will suck on your ear. I had a cat like that.

  19. GamingWithEternal

    At 1:08 it sounds dubstep

  20. IgnitedVoid 23

    Is that alpaca Izuku's dad?

  21. LTK Latz

    How did the lizard get down

  22. DaRealBloodedYT

    if somebody loses the basketball ball they gonna throw him off

  23. Trace Balke

    Godzilla in his first days:

  24. Man


  25. ツstokiyo

    Hey, that lizard is from beverly Chiuahah movie! ! 😩

  26. ilikeminecraft epic3

    2:57 that one fish thats just witnessing the war: what have i just witnessed

  27. KanjiNotFound

    Lizard do be looking for a monke

  28. individualwoman 84

    That lizard is so cute. I would of liked to of petted it. Also the cat sneezing had me rollin 🤣

  29. G Conn

    USA makes it difficult to get an abortion, and instead they install baby drop boxes in fire halls... such a garbage country

  30. Bruce Wayne

    Some say that lizard is still finding that doritos

  31. Seth Rice

    Imagine getting snuck up on by a whale

  32. w0aky

    the rhino was horni

  33. Jokes Alotss

    The lizard probably was like I’m king of this area now I climbed to the top and you can’t BEAT ME

  34. The like Button

    may i ask wheres the orange on the colourful cube

  35. Nanda Farell

    2:26 classic KAREN

  36. LittleBlue Panda

    Wow the new Godzilla movie looks great lol 😂

  37. yuoop noke

    This is literally the best daily dose video I’ve seen in a while

  38. Man


  39. joan meza largaespada

    Jesús dog

  40. Guerrilla Grodd

    That is no cat... It's a FLERKIN!!!

  41. Zoes uniquestyle

    You can talk to JESUS about all your problems He will listen. JESUS truly loves everyone!🙏🏾✝️🤍 "When you go through deep waters, I will be with you." Isaiah 43:2

  42. Riglets Rock

    that dog look like a phrog

  43. Yesn’t The dude.

    Jesus dog

  44. Gaming Algen

    Godzilla : in your hood edition

  45. Dandy Pigeon

    0:30 Donnatello

  46. Levi Breum

    0:37 Best instant karma yet.

  47. hlzzk1

    Nobody: Self-promoters' parents: *Don't exist*

  48. Rolan Holaway

    Any one else see the shark


    Excuse me what the fuck

  50. Midnight Slayer3342

    Yo that lizard wants some chips

  51. Potethegames

    It was on my news at thailand the first one

  52. The Bacon Gaming

    Me when my mom comes in with the belt 1:57

  53. The Bacon Gaming

    Me when I step on a Lego 1:57

  54. Da Gang

    Why do the lions sound like cows🤣

  55. rei.

    0:53 how genshin impact wishes are made

  56. gamepro94z

    Those squirrels are sooooo cute!!

  57. jayden elliott


  58. robloxbrawlstarsgamingyt

    me: worker: sorry sir you will have to wait 10 minutes before you eat this


    Love him

  60. hlzzk1

    If jesus was an animal

  61. Nicholas mazur

    On National Geographic we have Godzilla with no special effects

  62. Dragon Master

    We all wait till he says “later”

  63. MR. HASTE

    My my your daily dose of papercut🙂

  64. Hendrix Cobb be like

    I rewatched the husky one like 10000 times

  65. jotaro kujo and Star platinum

    when godzilla wanted to be kong for a day:

  66. DaBaby

    Y’all missed out on the golden days of Disney and it shows coz there’s no Jessie references in sight 😔

  67. ihusky955

    I saw the thumbnail and was like “(gasp) is that miss Kipling”

  68. Vendetta

    Fun disgusting fact, all those white specs in the water is whale sperm, and plankton.

  69. rat !

    “No... not this shelf... oh! Oh... no not this one... UGH wHERE ARE THE DARN BAGELS?”

  70. merieeex

    insert cardi b laugh here